Career Development Training

The biggest hurdle for almost all Chinese-born professionals working in Australia is communication in the workplace.  Most Chinese Australian professionals wish to communicate more confidently and effectively to stand out at job interviews, gain recognition of their good work, and pursue the career opportunities they deserve.  We provide a series of training to help Chinese-born Australian professionals to overcome language and cultural barriers in the workplace.

One-on-One Career Coaching

 - CV  & Selection Criteria Writing
 - Mock Interview

To book one-on-one coaching, email: kristin@acbe.com.au

Career Workshops

The following Career Development Workshops are scheduled in 2018.

1. Speak Up and Be Heard at Work (Saturday 2 June 2018)
2. Business Writing with Impact (Sunday 5 August 2018)
3. Job Application Made Easy (Saturday 8 September 2018) 
4. Survive the First 15 Minutes of Job Interview and Win (Saturday 1 December 2018)

Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm
Venue: 101, 309 Pitt St. Sydney, NSW 2000
To book, email AFMA Club: 

Business Speaking Workshop
by Kristin @ AFMA Club

"I first contacted Kristin through LinkedIn. I was running my own business as an entrepreneur but would like to try a different career, working as a professional in the University sector.  As a business manager, I am confident of my general communication skills and the ability to manage day-to-day tasks, and my resume was shortlisted for multiple times, but I wasn’t successful in any of the interviews.  With a short phone conversation with Kristin, she quickly identified my problems and requested me to book a Skype mock interview with her.   She gave me a great counsultation on interview skills and prepared me for frequently asked questions. After one 1-on-1 session, I succeeded with my skype interview and got my dream job offer in Feb 2018.  Thank you, Kristin! You are doing an amazing job helping Chinese professionals living in Australia to break the communication barrier and achieve career success!"

- Nancy McGlashan, International Recruitment Officer, QUT Business School

Disclaimer: We pride ourselves in providing the best value for money in our training programs. However, our prices are reviewed regularly and may be adjusted due to changes by our suppliers and other external factors.